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.: Tips For Planning Your Website Design :.

Things to consider for your new website:

  1. What is the nature of your business and how does it translate into your website?

    It seems obvious, but it's an important question to consider. Whatever the answer is, this is the one thing you don't want to stray from as you decide on what your website will offer. It's a good idea to keep this in mind while deciding on the pages, features and look of your site. Everything on your website should reinforce the answer you give to this question.

  2. Have you considered using your website to support your daily operations?

    With the options available today, you can support a wide range of communications through your website, and not just with your customers. Through a web browser, your employees can share and access a wide range of information such as real-time sales figures, inventory, customer statistics, and more. By streamlining your business processes with a well-designed intranet, you will lower your operational overhead considerably.

  3. Do you want to sell products or services directly through your website?

    If you are running a retail business the answer to this question is almost certainly, yes. Selling over the internet is very easy, very profitable and we can provide you with everything you need to offer a simple and secure shopping experience for your customers. In addition to tapping into a global customer-base, your online store can reduce overhead by providing your customers with 24-hour access to information about their order.

Things to consider when redesigning your website:

  1. Why do you want your site redesigned?

    Now that you've decided you want your site redesigned, you should ask yourself why? The answer may be as simple as "we have a new company image and we need our site to reflect this", but it is likely to be more involved. You don't want to incur unnecessary expenses, so now is a good time to figure out what you really do and do not like about your site, which brings us to the next question.

  2. Which pages or features on your site are working well for you and which ones are not?

    Just like remodeling a home, when you redesign your website, there are some things you want to leave alone. Give careful consideration to which pages or features on your site are working well for you, and take note of the ones that are not. Once you've identified a problem area, ask "should I get rid of it or fix it up".

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